Find the companies you are looking for easily and quickly

The Innovatiespotter is a powerful online tool that scans the internet 24/7 for companies active in innovation, technology, and sustainability.

To do this, the online data of the registered 1.8 million companies in the Netherlands is collected every day. A team of data scientists analyses these data using Big Data and Machine Learning and clusters the results around all conceivable themes. This way Innovatiespotter finds companies in (Top)sectorthemes like renewable energy, agro-food, health, water, logistics, IT, high tech, blockchain, et cetera. Innovatiespotter also finds companies that are active cross sectorally. For instance, a company that develops an app for healthcare. A company like that is active in both ICT and Life Sciences & Health.

The detected companies are sorted into (top)sectors. Some examples of the (top)sectors are:

Rich company profiles

To quickly get an impression of a list of companies, data is made accessible in the Innovatiespotter Online:

  • You are able to sort and filter companies on several fields
  • You are able to check the profile page of each company, which provides you with lots of additional data

Each company profile contains the following information:

  • Company website and contact details
  • Trade names
  • Number of coworkers
  • BAG (purpose of use of the location)
  • SBI (sector code)
  • Type of company: is it a manufacturing company, consultancy firm, wholesale business, or something else?
  • Link to the public LinkedIn profile
  • Relevant network and innovative activities

Innovation footprint

The Innovatiespotter enriches company profiles with valuable data hundreds of sources. For example, innovation subsidies that the company has received and participations in innovation networks. Regional information is also processed. You can see which information was found for each company:

Real Time website

A website is important for a first impression of a company. Therefore, the website of every company is shown in real-time in the company profile. This way, the company data and company website are clearly presented together in the company profile.

You can scroll through company profiles with a browse button. Were you able to make a certain company selection by filtering and sorting? Then the browse button shows the companies in the same order as they appear in the selection.

In this way you can get an impression of, for example, all energy innovations in an industrial area, all start-ups registered in 2018, all the freelancers in a residential area or all IT companies in a multi-company building.

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