Innovating can’t be done alone. To develop a new product or service you need partners. They can be collaborators, but also suppliers of knowledge, expertise or technology. MOI (Matchmaker voor Ondernemers die Innoveren) is an innovative way to find innovation partners.

MOI is a webapp that digitises finding an innovation partner. With MOI you can browse in a user-friendly environment for the most suitable innovation partner. The webapp runs on the data of the Innovatiespotter and uses the method of the FIT- analysis, of the Hanzehogeschool.

The Innovatiespotter is a data science company which traces startups and SME’e related to innovation, technology and sustainability. We analyse data and cluster the companies in (top)sectors. With our data you can make a longlist of companies in MOI.

The FIT-analysis: The FIT-analysis helps to create a shortlist from the longlist that is created by Innovatiespotter and helps to find the most suitable partner. This analysis tool is developed by the research group Purchasing Management from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen.

For startups and SME's

Together with the Innovatiespotter and the Hanzehogeschool, students from HBO ICT and CMD from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen work on the development of MOI for startups and SME’s. They translate the app requirements into a first prototype.

In February 2020 the prototype will be completed. Entrepreneurs who want to test the app can contact us. The basic version of the app will be free of charge for entrepreneurs. In the autumn of 2020 MOI will become available.

Regional license

Entrepreneurs can sign up individually for the test phase. But a regional innovation programme can start with a test as well. We prepare the app to contain (push) messages for the users. For example, an invitation to a relevant meeting or news about a subsidy scheme. For this we apply AI. Which information is interesting for which entrepreneur?

Added value for regions, innovation clusters, municipalities or other innovation programmes:

  • MOI includes an overview of companies from the regional innovation network. An entrepreneur who develops health-applications will (at least) see companies in the health and IT sector.
  • MOI users receive relevant information from their region, suitable with their innovation profile. A developer of health-applications receives all the notifications for e-health events with priority.

In the course of 2020, we can start a pilot for regions at low cost.

For purchasers

The initiative for MOI derives from the research group Purchasing Management from the institute of facility management from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and Innovatiespotter. The reason for MOI is that purchasers increasingly face buying innovations. We develop a version of MOI specifically for purchasers.


MOI is an initiative from the research group Purchasing Management from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and Innovatiespotter. The Regio Groningen-Assen has granted a subsidy for MOI.

Do you want to test MOI? Mail to or project manager Bob van Ulsen -

Let us know if you want to test the app as an individual company or if you are interested in a regional license.

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