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The Innovatiespotter is a powerful online tool that scans the internet 24/7 for companies active in innovation, technology, and sustainability.

To do this, the online data of the registered 1.8 million companies in the Netherlands is collected every day. A team of data scientists analyses these data using Big Data and Machine Learning and clusters the results around all conceivable themes. This way Innovatiespotter finds companies in (Top)sectorthemes like renewable energy, agro-food, health, water, logistics, IT, high tech, et cetera. Innovatiespotter also finds companies that are active cross sectorally. For instance, a company that develops an app for healthcare. A company like that is active in both ICT and Life Sciences & Health

The detected companies are sorted into (top)sectors. Some examples of the (top)sectors are:


Innovative companies change constantly. Sectors with innovative developments change too. That’s why each sector change their innovation policy regularly. What are the newest developments? Which developments are not considered as innovative anymore?

To analyse each sector we use clustering tools. With these tools we can analyse the data of a sector and see which companies are similar to each other. This way, we can cluster a set of companies and we can trace companies that are similar but were unnoticed with the human eye.

Rich company profiles

To swiftly get an impression of interesting companies, data are presented clearly. In the overview you can:

  • Rank and filter companies in various fields
  • See the profile page of each company, with an innovation footprint and the real time website of the company

The Innovation-footprint

The Innovatiespotter enriches company profiles with valuable data hundreds of sources. For example, innovation subsidies that the company has received and participations in innovation networks. Regional information is also processed.

Realtime website

Een website is belangrijk voor een eerste indruk van een bedrijf. Daarom wordt van elk bedrijf de website in realtime in het bedrijfsprofiel getoond. Zo staan de bedrijfsgegevens en de bedrijfswebsite overzichtelijk bij elkaar in het bedrijfsprofiel.

You can scroll through company profiles with a browse button. Were you able to make a certain company selection by filtering and sorting? Then the browse button shows the companies in the same order as they appear in the selection.

Op deze manier kun je een indruk krijgen van bijvoorbeeld alle energie-innovaties op een industrieterrein, alle starters die zijn ingeschreven in 2018, alle ZZP’ers in een woonwijk of alle IT-bedrijven in een bedrijfsverzamelgebouw.

Analysis tools

Maar we doen meer. Welke sector is in jouw regio het meest innovatief? Hoe zit het met de werkgelegenheid? In welke regio zijn de meeste innovaties te vinden in de health, agri & food, hightech enzovoort? Waar zitten de meeste startups? Een kleine greep uit welke inzichten beschikbaar zijn. Met behulp van onze analysetool krijg je snel inzicht in de innovatiekracht van jouw regio of sector. Alle analyses zijn los of als geheel te downloaden als Excel- of als PDF-bestand.

Reporting tool

Every month you receive a summary of all changes in your subscription. To take another look at the changes that are new or the companies that are removed and to see the trends. Not only hard changes (NAWT-data) but also ‘soft’ changes. Companies that have moved to a different sector because they changed their activities. The reports can be downloaded as an Excel or pdf within your subscription.


If you want to use our data in your own application, you can use an API. Contact us for more information.

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