Drechtsteden: Zicht op kansrijke bedrijven op de as Rotterdam-Antwerpen

Drechtsteden: View of promising companies on the Rotterdam-Antwerp axis

The Drechtsteden is an economic partnership of 6 - soon to be 7 - municipalities on the southern edge of the Randstad. The region is a leader in the maritime sector and has a strategic position on the Rotterdam-Antwerp axis.

The Drechtsteden wants to organize cross-over events, but also to be able to participate at a broader level to use available innovation and grant instruments effectively. Before this more insight was needed into the innovative and technological SMEs that influence or may influence the maritime sector, and that is how the partnership ended up with the Innovatiespotter.

The Innovatiespotter provided overviews of all promising companies around the themes of HTSM & Robotics, Big Data & Internet of Things and Biobased Economy.

Step two is to conduct needs assessments among the identified companies. With the results the Drechtsteden region can mobilize more companies in a short amount of time and support them with the right instruments in a demand-oriented way.