IT-stad 's Hertogenbosch

Data city ‘s Hertogenbosch

The municipality of ’s Hertogenbosch presents itself as data-city. With The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science Den Bosch offers data and IT education to central & south of Holland. Innovatiespotter is asked to map the size of the IT industry. The request was two- fold:

  • to trace interesting, renewing ICT companies
  • to analyse the job potential for ICT in the region: how high is the employment in ICT in Den Bosch and surrounding municipalities?

An estimated 21% of the employed citizens of the region has a job in the digital economy. That is relatively high. We also conducted a benchmark to compare Den Bosch with the region of Eindhoven. It is interesting that Den Bosch equals Eindhoven in the ICT sector and in some cases even scores higher than Eindhoven.

Health Valley

Health Valley

Life Sciences & Health (LS&H) is one of the topsectors in the Netherlands. The 8 academic hospitals and excellent healthcare provide a good foundation for health innovations.

Health Valley in Nijmegen is the largest health-cluster in the Netherlands. Large research themes and SME’s meet here. Besides that, Health Valley organizes the largest international health innovation event in the Netherlands each year.

Om meer bedrijven te bereiken, versnippering tegen te gaan en beter zicht te krijgen op de innovaties heeft Health Valley de Innovatiespotter gevraagd alle health-gerelateerde innovaties in heel Nederland in kaart te brengen. Dit is een doorlopend project waarbij in stappen bedrijven worden geïdentificeerd en geclassificeerd.

NDC mediagroep: serie over onontdekte wereldspelers

NDC Mediagroep: series on undiscovered world players

For NDC media group, the Innovatiespotter finds companies that are relatively unknown in their own region, but serve an international market. Noordz highlights such a company every month in Dagblad van het Noorden, with the aim of unraveling their secret: what do these companies do, and how do they stand their ground in a global, ever-changing economy?

Onze zoektocht naar onontdekte wereldspelers levert pareltjes op, zoals het bedrijf FENKA, dat zich bezighoudt met labeling en branding. Grote modenamen zoals Hugo Boss, Levi’s en Tommy Hilfiger doen zaken met dit bedrijf, maar toch blijft het bij het brede publiek onbekend. Directeur Jan-Henk Hommes reageert na het interview door NoordZ: “Zeer veel reacties ontvangen, helemaal geweldig!”.

Exportpotentieel provincie Drenthe

Export potential province of Drenthe

The province of Drenthe has an integral programme for entrepreneurs:integraal programma voor ondernemers. One of its themes is ‘export’. Companies with an intention to export can get assistance in planning their export activities.

The Innovatiespotter tracked down companies for the fast-growing export network of Drenthe. The province asked for companies that already export and for companies that do not export yet, but have promise. This way, experienced and less experienced companies can learn from each other. This commission led to over 2000 promising companies, of which the majority does not, or not visibly, export successfully yet.

Advice and workshop for Datahuis Provincie Drenthe

Provinces collect and manage large amounts of data, such as traffic data, landscape data, environmental data, socio-economic related data and more. Which new insights arise when you host these data files in one ‘Datahuis’ (house of data), that combines and analyses these files? The province of Drenthe wants to generate new (policy) information and asked Innovatiespotter for our expertise.

We provided a workshop for them. In this workshop, we showed relevant examples and elaborated on models to show how the province’s own data analysts can set to work with their data.

Nog groter netwerk voor MKB-ondersteuners in de windenergie

Nog groter netwerk voor MKB-ondersteuners in de windenergie

De Topsector Energie and Innovatielink play an important role in bringing knowledge and companies around innovations in wind energy in the Netherlands together. For this purpose, it is desirable to include as many companies as possible, especially SME’s. Innovatielink asked the the Innovatiespotter to track down relevant, as yet unknown companies.

First, we investigated which types of companies are active in wind energy. This is a lot more than just building windmills. For example, think of companies that deliver components, or assemble, install, maintain, demolish or recycle turbines. There are many service providers in wind industry as well, such as geologists, rural planners and consultancy firms for assessments of environments.

The challenge for Innovatiespotter was the fact that there already was a substantial network. Still, the Innovatiespotter could contribute significantly. We mainly revealed a lot of companies in the supply chain.

Beleidsevaluatie met Ecorys: ondernemers herkennen zich niet in beleidstaal

Policy evaluation with Ecorys: entrepreneurs do not recognize themselves in political language

The evaluation of regulation in innovation is generally conducted in the existing network of a client. This approach usually creates an unrealistic image. To conduct a proper survey, response from those who are unfamiliar with the investigated regulation is also necessary.

Samen met economisch onderzoeks- en adviesbureau Ecorys hebben we onderzoek gedaan naar een regionaal EFRO-programma voor Smart industries en Circulaire Economie. De aanleiding van het onderzoek was dat de belangstelling voor het programma nogal tegenviel. De bijdrage van Innovatiespotter was om bedrijven op te sporen die pasten in de regeling maar niet in het netwerk van de opdrachtgever bekend waren. Daarmee kreeg het onderzoek een interessante invalshoek. Wat vonden bedrijven van de subsidieregelingen die ze helemaal niet kennen?

Het bleek dat bedrijven buiten het netwerk van de opdrachtgever, substantieel minder positief dachten over hun subsidiekansen. Deze bedrijven dachten namelijk dat ze helemaal niet in aanmerking kwamen voor de regeling. De oorzaak was dat ze zich niet herkenden in de terminologie zoals “smart industries”, of “circulaire economie” en zich ook niet aangesproken voelden door de toelichtende tekst.

A number of recommendations resulted from this study, such as a better adjustment of the communication to the target audience. Besides this, we advised to deploy Innovatiespotter to improve on reaching the target audience.

High Tech-bedrijven voor exportsubsidie

High Tech companies for export grants

RVO targets all Dutch companies with nationwide grants for innovation. Because innovations often arise outside of the traditional sectors, it is not easy to adequately reach the target audience for all grants. The usual method, reaching companies through various media channels and networks, resulted in insufficient response. Therefore, RVO asked the Innovatiespotter to track down national companies around the theme high tech. This sector is fragmented, with many varying activities, such as IT, 3D-printing, photonics, sensor technology, robotics and more. We produced a result of around 7000 companies that are personally approached by RVO.

Economic Board Utrecht: Innovatiespotter heeft duidelijke meerwaarde

Economic Board Utrecht: "Innovatiespotter has clear added value"

Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) is building coalitions of companies, governments and knowledge institutions. This one new coalitions should lead to business cases that make life greener, healthier and smarter.

EBU presented us with the challenge of making an inventory of regional companies around the Circular Building and Demolition themes. The Innovatiespotter provided an overview of relevant companies from different sectors. The found companies contribute to the theme from their own perspective.

“We have compared the results of the Innovatiespotter with the databases on the Circular Construction / Demolition file which we have built up in other ways. Our conclusion is that this search method has clear added value compared to other methods and provides a larger network."

Monique Roso, research coordinator EBU Research

Bouwend Nederland: Innovatieve spelers bij Themakaart Bouw

Bouwend Nederland: Innovative players with Themakaart Bouw

The Construction Theme Map is a national construction initiative and serves as a guide towards a smarter and future-proof construction sector. The map shows the 8 largest themes for the next few years.

Entrepreneurial organization Bouwend Nederland seeks contact with innovative players for each of the 8 themes from the Theme Card. The Innovatiespotter was called in to realize that. We started by mapping companies around the Smart Construction theme. The approach resulted in dozens of unknown innovative companies. Due to the proven added value of our search method we now also focus on the 7 other themes.

Regio Groningen-Assen: Brede inventarisatie van economisch relevante en innovatieve bedrijven in de regio

Groningen-Assen region: Broad inventory of economically relevant and innovative companies in the region

Groningen-Assen region (RGA) is an economic partnership between 2 provinces and 12 municipalities around the cities of Assen and Groningen. RGA asked the Innovatiespotter to make an overview of economically relevant and innovative companies in the region. We made a broad inventory of companies with economic potential and specifically mapped companies around the 9 topsectors and the themes of construction, biobased and circular economy.

The inventory yielded many companies that were previously unknown to regional account managers. They were not found using traditional search methods and do not profile themselves in the region. But no less than 44% of the companies found are involved in more than one sector or theme. This underlines the fact that modern companies are often "hidden" between cross-sectoral activities. RGA sees the added value of the method of the Innovatiespotter for creating regional economic analysis.

Drechtsteden: Zicht op kansrijke bedrijven op de as Rotterdam-Antwerpen

Drechtsteden: View of promising companies on the Rotterdam-Antwerp axis

The Drechtsteden is an economic partnership of 6 - soon to be 7 - municipalities on the southern edge of the Randstad. The region is a leader in the maritime sector and has a strategic position on the Rotterdam-Antwerp axis.

The Drechtsteden wants to organize cross-over events, but also to be able to participate at a broader level to use available innovation and grant instruments effectively. Before this more insight was needed into the innovative and technological SMEs that influence or may influence the maritime sector, and that is how the partnership ended up with the Innovatiespotter.

The Innovatiespotter provided overviews of all promising companies around the themes of HTSM & Robotics, Big Data & Internet of Things and Biobased Economy.

Step two is to conduct needs assessments among the identified companies. With the results the Drechtsteden region can mobilize more companies in a short amount of time and support them with the right instruments in a demand-oriented way.

Startup Fast Track: snel werven, snel ondernemen

Startup Fast Track: fast recruiting, fast entrepreneurship

Wanted: starting entrepreneurs in sustainable energy. That was the question of Startup Fast Track, one European program to grow energy startups at a rapid pace. Energy Academy Europe initiated this supervision process together with partners such as the University of Groningen, ENGIE and Hanze University of Applied Sciences. In a radius of 60 kilometers, Innovatiespotter found entrepreneurs who were seamless with this program with concrete registrations as a result.

Regio Groningen-Assen: matchingsevent over Slimme Mobiliteit

Groningen-Assen region: matching event on Smart Mobility

Which smart technologies improve passenger and freight transport? What do companies need to develop mobility solutions? How do we use sensoring data? This was the topic of the Smart Mobility matching event that we organized for Groningen-Assen region . The goal: to stimulate regional businesses with new collaborations and innovations.

The Innovatiespotter found the most relevant companies in the region and invited them. Think of organizations that analyze sensoring data, build apps or work with Internet of Things. besides technology companies, we also invited carrier- and traffic experts. In short, parties that are otherwise don’t contact each other. Among other things, they sparred about countering half-empty trucks and smarter arrangements for target group transport. The matching event delivered new partnerships.

Gemeente Rotterdam: disruptieve technologieën

Municipality of Rotterdam: disruptive technologies

What do cloud technology, energy storage and 3D printing have in common? They are going to change our lives change. They are the so-called disruptive technologies. McKinsey identified twelve in total. The municipality of Rotterdam wanted to know which companies are working with these technologies, and what these entrepreneurs need to become more successful. The region asked us and Enneüs research agency to answer that question. The Innovatiespotter identified these companies, and the sectors they are involved in. Enneüs carried out a needs assessment. The result: the municipality of Rotterdam has concrete starting points for effective growth policy.

Gemeente Breda

Municipality of Breda

Mapping companies around varied themes, including Logistics, Creative Industry, Dance Music and Life Sciences & Health.

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network

Mapping of Northern Dutch companies for European bordercrossing matchmaking- program. Themes: Virtual Reality, Serious Games, Biobased Economy and Agri & Food and others.

Venturelab International

VentureLab International

Targeted the most suitable entrepreneurs for acquisition for participation in VentureLab International, the business accelerator of the RUG. In addition, visitors were recruited for lectures.

Provincie Groningen

Province of Groningen

Energy-related companies were identified in Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and Noord-Holland. filtering made in niches such as Tidal energy, Grid applications and Solar and Wind energy.

Groningen Seaports

Groningen Seaports

We organized an Innovation conference to draw attention to Groningen Seaports and Brainwierde Weiwerd as a business location for companies with creative and service activities.

Global Gas Networks Initiative


Dutch companies acquired for two trade missions to and from Israel and Palestinian territories, under the leadership of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the Ministers of BuZa, EZ and OS. Themes: Water, Energy, Food and IT.'

Other regions and municipalities

We continuously get requests to map the potential for innovation in municipalities and regions.Usually around topsectors. It is striking that there is a request for companies that are active in renewable energy and circular economy with every order. '

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