Startups, scale-ups and SMEs form the dynamic of the economy. With our AI-tools we enclose all companies and spot innovation.

Broad SMEs

Broad SMEs are essential for a strong region. We enclose these companies, for example for digitalization, sustainability, globalization and other transitions.

Regional analyses

Uncover which companies there are and what they do. We identify the innovation power of a region and support this with data.

Mission-driven innovation

Business is crucial for solving global problems. We spot companies that work on climate, energy, food, health and more. 

Innovation ecosystem

Entrepreneurs, governments, education and research work together to work on a blossoming economy. We help with a better connection to more entrepreneurs.

Blind spots

Good regional embedding offers opportunities for a company. Using AI, we find these blind spots: groups of companies that do not utilize these opportunities optimal.


Startups contribute to the dynamics of the economy. We spot startups and make their innovation footprint visible.


External contacts say a lot about a company's ambitions. We provide insight into a company's innovation activities and create an innovation footprint.

Regional analyses

Find out which companies are there and what they do. We help identify the innovation power of a region and substantiate this with data.


Get in touch with special target groups. We find social entrepreneurs, SMEs with sustainability innovations and more.

Innovation ecosystem

For a thriving economy, entrepreneurs, governments, education and research work together. We help better connect with startups and innovative SMEs.

Blind spots

Good regional embedding offers opportunities for companies. We find the blind spots: groups of companies that do not make the most of these opportunities.

Ease your work with our data

Online Innovatiespotter

Find quickly the companies you are searching

Innovatiespotter uses AI to analyse all two million Dutch companies on what they do. Innovatiespotter encloses these companies, gives insights in innovation trends and substantialises this with data.


Connect directly to our data

Want to use our data in other applications? Choose our API to connect directly to our data. In this way, Innovatiespotter data is usable in your own, trusted programs.


Innovation, technology and sustainability

Big societal challenges have one thing in common: innovative (tech)companies play a crucial role in solving these challenges. What do these companies look like? What do they do? Which companies work on climate, energy, food, health solutions and what is their role?

The Innovatiespotter is the AI-driven platform for innovation ecosystems. All over two million companies are searchable in what they do. But we specialise on innovation, technology and sustainability. Using machine learning, we analyse companies in these important areas.

With the Topic-label you can find over 50.000 innovative companies and using the Innovatie-footprint you can identify the blind spots in your innovation ecosystem. Use keywords and the many filters to look in the capillaries of your network or work area. And use analysis tools to see trends.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the company landscape accessible. With our data we contribute to the transparency of regions and innovation ecosystems and the mission driven innovation policy. We also help getting access to all startups, scale-ups, innovative SMEs and broad SMEs. In this way, organisations congregate, where they first wouldn’t.

With our tools, we contribute to SDG 17; partnerships

New insights for clients

Using our data, realtime developments in your work area become visible. Look into the capillaries of your innovation ecosystem, or use our analysis tools to see trends.

Our team

Our dynamic, international team of part-timers, full-timers, home workers and office workers.

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Innovation Specialist

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Head of IT

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Software & Systems Engineer

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Full Stack Engineer


Aylar Alizadeh

Data Scientist

Thomas van der Sluis

Thomas van der Sluis

Jr. Project Manager Innovation

Olga Meijer

Administrative Legal Assistant

Egbert van der Wal

Technical Advisor

Dr Gerben Blaauw

Science Advisor


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