Insight into the business landscape of your area of work is important for making strategic choices. But a comprehensive report is not always necessary. Do you want insight into your work area within one click? This is possible with the renewed analysis tool of the Innovatiepotter!

The Innovatiespotter contains profiles of all more than 2 million companies in the Netherlands. These companies have been made searchable in various ways. Useful filters give you insight into employment opportunities, the startup ecosystem, the innovative strength of your area of work, and much more. It is possible to make an analysis of each selection.

With the new analysis tool, quickly and easily create a report with tables and graphs for every search. With one click you can create a complete report with explanatory text in PDF format. This is easy to share with colleagues.

In which locations are innovators concentrated?

Which areas have the highest concentration of innovative companies? It is possible to gain insight into regional differences with the help of the tools.

AI categorizes according to innovation themes

Every company website is analyzed for innovation using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Leading for this are the Top Sector Policy and the mission-driven innovation policy. It is even possible to find companies that work on innovations at the interfaces of sectors.

How many companies are affiliated with the innovation ecosystem?

The Innovatiespotter also maps out a company's Innovation footprint. The Innovation footprint indicates the extent to which a company is connected to the innovation ecosystem. Each individual company is scanned for participation in: innovation networks, startup programs, awards and nominations, grants, hubs, investments and more. The found participations together form the Innovation footprint of a company.

Breakdown by other features

Create and view charts on company age, employment, legal forms and other characteristics. Or in which business parks they are located and whether these addresses are offices or industrial buildings. With the SBI it is possible to gain more insight into the structure of a company selection. The SBI is the sector and industry code with which every company is registered in the trade register. The graph shows from which traditional SBI groups the companies originate.

Interested in a knowledge session?

On Thursday afternoon 14 October and Friday morning 15 October we are organizing two short knowledge sessions. Click here for more information and to register.


Use our tools to find the companies you are looking for

Create a free account now and try the Innovatiespotter with over 1000 innovative companies.

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